Meter Test Blocks, Test Terminal Blocks, Relay Test Blocks, Semaphore Indicators, Switch Fuse Units, Changeover Switches, Disconnecting Switches, Connectors, Universal Test Blocks, Test Winding Terminals, Trivector Meter Test Block, MDI Test Block, CT Test Block, Numerical Relay Test Block, Current Transformer

This consists of state of art machinery, Test facilities and a motivated & dedicated team of employees lead by experienced Engineers. who do not compromise on our Policy towards quality & service. Most parts are produced in-house using sophisticated Moulding machines. Press Tools, Power Presses, Radio frequency heaters, orbital revitting machines etc. All incoming raw materials undergo multi stage. Quality checks and multi layered quality audits during different stages of production process. Each finished product is subjected to a final. Quality check to qualify for ` NELSTER'  certificate of Approval. Only then, the product is ready for shipment.
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